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SAR measurement made in france ūüáęūüá∑

SAR measurement made in france ūüáęūüá∑

PARIS, France –¬†

NEXIO¬†¬†and¬†ART-Fi built and Launched – during the Covid-19-lockdown – a Game-Changing Partnerships for EMF and SAR¬†Testings, With the¬†Immediate¬†Introduction of¬†A¬†New Business to Test Wireless IoT¬†Devices and Smartphones, based on a French innovative and disruptive technology. ‚ÄĮ(‚ÄĮ¬†


For the first time in France,¬†a¬†TEST¬†LAB¬†can run real-time EMF and SAR testing¬†and evaluations¬†on Smartphones and IOT¬†wireless¬†devices¬†to¬†help manufacturers and R&D teams¬†to improve¬†antenna performances,¬†and¬†to¬†match with the Health Regulation and the new Abeille Law. ‚ÄĮ¬†


NEXIO and ART-Fi, both based in France, entered in discussion on March 23rd, right after the lockdown was pronounced. The partnership was inked before the end of the quarantine in France.  


The partnership starts with the immediate opening by NEXIO¬†Group¬†of a new SAR lab in Paris, France, leveraging the ART-Fi‚Äôs¬†technology and the¬†‚Äúsans -pr√©c√©dent/sans comparison‚Ä̬†unprecedented¬†speed and accuracy of ART-MAN to capture Electromagnetic Field radiations and measure SAR values.¬†¬†


‚ÄúWe are proud in ART-Fi to partner with¬†Nexio¬†because never SAR testing has needed such high expertise.¬† The international societal expectation is to¬†progress¬†on¬†health and¬†connectivity ,¬†and our unique RF Vector technology is the only one able to¬†match¬†this¬†challenge of¬†improving connectivity¬†workout¬†while ensuring compliance¬†with health¬†safety¬†and regulations.¬†¬†At¬†ART-Fi, we¬†are¬†positioned¬†to address all the specifics¬†of each market¬†players¬†and for each phase¬†of the¬†life cycle of wireless devices.‚ÄĚ says St√©phane¬†Pannetrat, CEO of ART-Fi¬†


Regulation is clear on the SAR limits of¬†Wireless IoT devices and Smartphones. ‚ÄĮThe¬†new¬†obligations¬†of¬†the¬†Abeille¬†Law haves¬†been in force in France since July 1st, 2020, and the SAR Value of all concerned devices should be present and visible next to the devices in all advertising and documentation.¬†Values at Head, Body and Limb. The French¬†Frequency Agency¬†Regulator¬†ANFR said they will run market surveillance activities.¬†On these issues, the partnership benefits from the expertise of St√©phane Elkon, a specialist in regulations applying to hardware products.¬†


With the release of the new standard EN IEC62209-3, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) can be measured with a much faster system, which is now available in NEXIO Lab. ‚ÄĮThe Lab is equipped with ART-MAN¬†scanners and¬†is already able to measure IoT devices radiations¬†and provide a SAR evaluation report in one day. This service is open to all companies that would like to know the SAR compliance of their devices.¬†


“This partnership between NEXIO and ART-FI brings together 2 major French players in the field of electromagnetism who share the taste for innovation and the will to move forward even in this period. With this new tool, companies using radio in their products have a fast SAR measurement and a unique support for their compliance. 

For NEXIO and ART-FI, this laboratory is destined to become the French¬†Excellence¬†Center¬†for SAR measurement. It is¬†surely¬†a first step¬†for¬†future¬†synergies¬†with our¬†test and simulation¬†software¬†team.‚ÄĚ,¬†says Frederic Amoros-Routi√©,¬†President of¬†NEXIO.¬†


With this deal, NEXIO becomes the Excellence center for ART-Fi in France, by allowing tests and demonstration of new solutions. The Partnership between NEXIO and ART-Fi will include and leverage the performance and accuracy of the near field measures of Amplitude and Phase to enrich existing offers and propose new services to IoT Makers, Antenna Designers and engineers.  


Founded in 2003, NEXIO is a pure player in the field of electromagnetic waves. NEXIO has the ambition to transform electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value for the makers and their users. 

NEXIO offers the market’s widest range of electromagnetic Services and Products.  

NEXIO has established itself as a major player in the electromagnetism field Aerospace, Automotive, Space, Defense, and the Electronic Industry areas. 

NEXIO is the French largest Engineering company dedicated in Electromagnetism with a team of over 80 technicians, engineers and doctors, able to handle any type of problem oriented on Testing, Design and Simulation in EMC, Lightning, RF, HYPER and RCS.  

Based on a longterm vision, NEXIO pursues a continue innovation strategy and an international development one.  

Its flagship BAT-EMC software (1995) is the world leader in EMC automation software used by the international leader of industries and majors test laboratories.  

Beyond technique and business, NEXIO women and men share values and passion that carry out our ambition to succeed in projects with our customers and partners with team spirit, mutual respect and with performance and efficiency requirement.  


Contact presse : Elise Rey


ART-Fi¬†is¬†‚ÄúGame-changer‚ÄĚ in¬†the¬†wireless industry and¬†antenna measurement process with its unique disruptive near-field RF Vector scanner technology.¬†¬†

Founded in 2010, by antenna and mobile makers designers, ART-Fi aims to deliver accurate solutions for each players of the wireless industry, and for, each phase of the devices life cycle in order to match the complete needs of performance, safety and quality of the market. 

Based on direct Phase measurement ‚Äď first ever effective innovation -, ART-Fi created and delivers¬†innovative testing solutions for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurement to accelerate the development of innovation in the wireless industry with high precision solutions¬†while¬†contributing¬†to¬†the¬†protection of¬†the consumers‚Äô¬†health.¬†

Being customer-centric and healthcare-conscious company, ART-Fi brings the wireless industry in new directions with the aim to reduce the RF exposure in daily life by improving EMF measurement methods. 

In 2014, ART-Fi revolutionized the SAR testing industry as the first company to offer instantaneous and absolute SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing solutions. ART-Fi’s core business revolves around ART-MAN, a broadband system that performs direct measurements in the time domain. ART-MAN uses a powerful, patented vector probe-array technology (D-Phase) to precisely measure the phase and amplitude of the electromagnetic field absorbed by human tissue. 

ART-Fi holds several patents and has additional patents pending applications relative to probes, vector signal analysis and broadband tissue-simulating fluids 

NEXIO's SAR measurement lab in Paris

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