The innovative and high-performance SAR measurement solution:

A laboratory to perform real-time EMF and SAR tests on smartphones and connected objects, helping manufacturers and R&D teams improve their competitive position and ensure regulatory compliance.

The best measurement technology :

Vector technology [new standard] offers many advantages:

  • The IEC 62209-3 standard defines robust, reliable and accurate measurements, reducing the uncertainty of conformity.
  • It also aims to significantly reduce the time and cost of measurement to assess SAR values.
  • It is suitable for complex technologies such as 5G
  • Finally, this technology is used by the ANFR, the French National Frequency Agency, which is responsible for market surveillance in France.

A strong legal security :

When manufacturers wish to prove compliance with exposure limits and assess the SAR values of their products, they can use the new product standard IEC/EN 62209-3 (systems based on vector measurements).

This approach offers a high level of legal certainty: when manufacturers place a cell phone on the European market, they have to demonstrate compliance with the essential requirements of the RED, in particular those set out in section 3.1.a of the RED, aimed at protecting health and safety risks.

Compliance with the essential requirements on exposure to electromagnetic fields can be demonstrated by different means, one of them being the assessment of the SAR according to the new IEC 62209-3 standard. As this standard has not yet been harmonized, the SAR assessment is certified by a Notified Body.

A full range of services:

  • “simple” SAR assessment
  • SAR tests as part of certification
  • tests within the framework of R&D studies
  • support for product performance improvement (SAR, EMC, radio …)
  • complete availability of the laboratory, with an experienced technician

The advantages of NEXIO :

  • NEUTRALS, independence! : specialists in normative measurement
  • Rules of the trade; Technical and regulatory expertise…
  • Open to all
  • Competitive offer
  • Timeliness of services

About NEXIO :

Founded in 2003, NEXIO has gathered a team of more than 80 technicians, engineers and doctors, able to handle any type of problem oriented on testing, design and simulation in EMC, lightning, RF, HYPER and RCS.

NEXIO offers the widest range of electromagnetic services and products on the market, with the mission to “transform electromagnetic waves and their constraints into added value for our customers and their customers”.

Its flagship software BAT-EMC (1995) is the world leader in EMC automation software (25 countries). BAT-EMC is recognized for its high performance automation testing and professional support by the international leader in industry and testing companies.

NEXIO’s objective is to “Generalize and facilitate the use of electromagnetic methods and tools to improve product quality and ensure their “time to market””.

In 2012, the group is composed of two complementary companies: NEXIO and NEXIO SIMULATION.

NEXIO has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of test, design and simulation in the field of electromagnetism.

Based on a long-term vision, NEXIO pursues a strategy of innovation and international development.

In figures, with 100 employees and 265 customers, NEXIO is present in more than 25 countries and carries out more than 2500 test days per year.

The customers addressed are start-ups or SMEs as well as large groups from the automotive, industrial, aeronautics, space and electronics sectors.

Beyond the technical and business aspects, the women and men of NEXIO share values and a passion: The ambition to succeed in projects with our customers and partners in a team spirit, mutual respect and with a demand for performance and efficiency.